Our Different Approach to Building Christian Leaders Makes All the Difference

Christians come in a lot of forms. There are the rebels, the old school, the Jesus freaks, Soup Kitchen missionaries, and worn torn Christian soldiers. But amongst them all a common aim—to grow in the knowledge and fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. And for many, this might mean a call to the ministry. For others, it might mean growing in their ability to minister in the marketplace, right where God has placed them. Today, there’s a new option for those that want to serve God and the needs of people on the front lines. The Athens College on Ministry is an interdenominational Christian college that challenges students to apply the word of God, and inspires real and direct service to those in need. It’s place where individuals can get education and personal transformation for whatever God has next in their lives.

As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to pursue the eternal well-being of others beyond our comfort, conventions, and convenience. We must minister in love because Christ first loved us, with the faith that God will multiply our efforts. At the Athens College of Ministry, we are blessed to pray, serve, worship and teach as we gather believers and churches together across geographic, racial, and denominational lines to agree that Jesus is the answer to every question. We owe our success to faithful supporters, partner churches, students, faculty, and passionate volunteers who have joined hearts to be difference-makers for Christ through His college. We are deeply excited about becoming a residential campus in a pastoral setting so that the Lord can bring us back to the simple basics of what it means to be in relationship with Him as our greatest heart’s desire. It is a tremendous joy to share the powerful life transformation through Christ at ACMin with others. We hope that you will make this journey with us. By working together, we can make a difference for Christ in a world that needs Him badly.

Bringing relevant transformation to a world that needs Christ!