God With Us

Angels Announce

By God’s design and desire, man was made to walk and talk and fellowship with the Creator in His garden.  God delighted in His fellowship with Adam and Eve. His desire from the beginning was for an intimate relationship with His creation.  On that history-changing night in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago, an angel appeared with the Heavenly Host to announce good news and the cause of great joy amidst the darkness; that God had invaded earth with His manifest presence once again in the form of an innocent babe—our Savior.

When the Kingdom of Heaven is made manifest on the earth, the glory of God’s presence overtakes every shadow, and history makes note of the event. Today, because Jesus shed His blood on the cross to forgive our sins and then deposited the Holy Spirit in each one of His saints, His Kingdom is abundantly present on earth every place we go.  So, as we remember the miracle of Jesus’ birth, may our joy be inspired by the beauty of God’s enduring holy presence and His brilliant plan to cause His glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. May the whole earth know not only that we celebrate history (or better yet, “HIS-story”) during this season, but also that we delight in the blessing of God’s presence because Jesus made a way!

May the peace, joy, hope, promise and presence of Jesus’ birth rule and reign in your heart today and always! How blessed are we to be a significant part of HIS-story as it unfolds!


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