Thy Kingdom Come!

Kingdom of Heaven

John the Baptist and Jesus both declared, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.” They understood that holiness is a requirement for entering into the Kingdom. We are to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.  Jesus taught about His Father’s Kingdom more than any other topic. The Kingdom of Heaven is real—more real than the ground under our feet.  It is a Kingdom of light. The Kingdom of Heaven is now, yesterday, and tomorrow, not just for when we “get to heaven.” It will never end. It has a King – Jesus—who rules with a scepter of justice.  And Jesus taught His disciples to pray that his Father’s Kingdom would come to earth, so that earth could be like Heaven.  He has given us the keys to His Kingdom, made us to be His Kingdom, and has called us as priests to serve God and to reign on the earth.

So how do we operate in and cooperate with God’s Kingdom?  Jesus sent His disciples out to proclaim the Kingdom in tandem with healing the sick and driving out demons, for the Kingdom of God is not a Kingdom of words but of power. It is not our power, but rather, the power of Jesus indwelling each one of us that enables us to accomplish the “greater things” of His Kingdom. We are to encourage, comfort, and urge others to live lives worthy of God who has called us all into His Kingdom and glory.

How do we discern the presence of God’s Kingdom all around us? The Kingdom is ever present in our midst. But Jesus said that we could not see the Kingdom of God unless we are born again, and that we could not enter into it unless we are born of water and the Spirit. He declared that we must enter into it as little children—humble, unassuming, trusting.

Lord, help us to hear and understand, and to perceive and to see the glory of Your Kingdom all around us! May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done!


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